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Dealers welcome to Top Drawer's wholesale page. Over the past 5 years Top Drawer has traveled to France four times a year shipping containers filled with authentic French antiques, architectural rod iron, and glazed terracotta pots directly to the United States. We feel we have developed a quality French connection to supply your antique needs at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Our containers are available between $20,000 and $200,000 depending upon the size of the container and the quality of the contents. Container sizes available are 20', 40', and high cubes (53'). Furniture styles include: Louis XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, Louis Philippe, Renaissance Revival, Henri II, and Napolean III, and with a variety of woods such as oak, walnut, cherry, fruitwood, and rosewood.

To acquire more information about our containers contact Aaron Jarabica at (504) 897-1004.

Example Containers:

Example A:
53' High Cube

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Example B:
20' Container

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Example C:
40' Container

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Example D:
53' High Cube

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November 2005 Shipment
April 2005 Shipment


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